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Twilight Candle Company

Welcome to Twilight Candle Company, where our passion for candles meets creativity in every flicker. Our story begins with the owner's obsession with candles, a deep love for crafting, and the unforeseen twist of a pandemic.  When the world faced the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic she found herself seeking solace in exploring and researching candle making. With a creative spirit yearning for expression, she decided to channel her love for candles into a new venture. This marked the beginning of her journey into the world of candle making.  After stumbling upon a workshop that became a part-time job as a Chandler. This discovery was a turning point. It provided her with the opportunity to transform her obsession into a skill and a craft.  The workshop became her creative outlet, allowing her to hone her candle making skills and refine her craft. Twilight Candle Company was born from her desire to share her creations with the world.

At Twilight Candle Company, we don't just craft candles; we share the magic of candle making with you. Our candle making workshops are a reflection of our founder's journey. Join us to learn the art of candle making, from choosing fragrances to pouring wax. Discover the excitement of creating your own candles while making memories that will last long after the wax has hardened.


Strike a match and let the light in!
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