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Twilight Candle Company

It all began during the COVID-19 pandemic out of a hoarding obsession with candles, a creative spirit, and a woman’s dream of starting her own unique candle company. Having an affinity for the flame and loving to create, Twila Davis was a self-taught candle maker until she stumbled upon a workshop that became a part-time job as a professional Chandler.  After honing in on her skills she decided to spread her wings and Twilight Candle Company was born. 

Twilight Candle Company is excited to bring you Mobile Candle Making Workshops! 

Instead of a painting party or cooking with a twist, it’s candle making with a twist, except we bring the experience to you. Whether it’s your office, home, community center, or event venue, we've got you covered!

Strike a match and let the light in!
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